This is the website of gaigaigailu, father of advanced language school, founder of international language organization. This is a University (knowledge), university without buildings, advanced language school, the world's top university (knowledge). Promoting the development of human language In the second stage, language conditions were created before the world history progressed to a highly civilized stage There is only one content in this website: I publish a great wish of goodness and beauty, establish an international language organization, promote the progress of human language, and promote the development of world history to the historical stage of high civilization. This website is actually a letter. It's me A proposal to leaders of all countries. I wrote a proposal for the establishment of an international language organization to promote the progress of human language and sent it to the leaders of all countries.
I tried to get in touch with a country to accept my ideas and become the founder of the international language organization.
Since Tencent framed and slandered me and maliciously defrauded the leaders of other countries, my proposal was temporarily suspended from being sent to the Chinese leaders. After the Chinese government dealt with Tencent seriously, I would consider whether to send it to the Chinese leaders.
Please guarantee Save website articles, this website may be damaged by bad guys at any time, unable to visit. If this website is damaged, please wait some time to visit again, I will repair the website. If I wait a few days and I don't fix the site, then I may be shut down Go to prison, or I'm dead. If I'm in jail or I die, then I empower Europeans and Americans to represent my unfinished great vision of creating an international language organization.
Gaigailun founder of the international language organization 9,28,2020,Beijing,China
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